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Scaling yourself by Scott Hanselman

By Matt Button |  May 11, 2020  | notes

I recently watched a presentation by Scott Hanselman about scaling yourself and it was enlightening; the key message was that you can’t keep up with everything, and in the presentation, Scott talked about ways of taming the torrent of information and lists of things to do that sometimes leave us feeling ineffective and overwhelmed.

In the presentation, Scott combines ideas from Stephen Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People with ideas from David Allen’s system, Getting Things Done, and also Scott’s own life experiences.

In this article, I’ve summarised some of the highlights of Scott’s presentation, reorganised them a little, and added more context with links and quotes. At the end, there’s a link to the entire hour long presentation, which is absolutely worth a watch.

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13 years ago we were rallying against nested HTML tables - Notes from Webstock 2019

By Matt Button |  Jun 29, 2019  | webstock, notes

I’m not sure why it’s taken so long, but after 13 years of Webstock existing, this year was the first time that I attended.

While I haven’t attended Webstock until now, I have watched many of the recordings which are usually available a few months after each event was held, and it’s been interesting to see how the event, and the industry in general has changed over the years.

None of this year’s talks were technical, and all were about the human side of the industry - topics such as ethics, personal experiences, psychology, communication, and team health.

One of the original organisers stood up on stage at the end of the event, and said it best:

13 years ago we were rallying against nested HTML tables

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