Software development

  • Visual Studio Code for HTML/CSS/JS/Python/Markdown/Text editing.
  • Notepad++ for quickly making any edits to a text file, or when I want to see hidden characters
  • Visual Studio for any .NET Core, and general C# work.
  • Beyond Compare for file diffs.
  • Git Bash for any command line work with Git, and as a general Windows command prompt.
  • Sourcetree as an interactive Git browser, and for when I want to stage or diff files in a Git repo.

Privacy related products

I never trust public WiFi, especially when I travel, so always use the Private Internet Access VPN (Virtual Private Network), which means that I can get an encrypted, secure connection to check my emails, etc.

Web hosting

I use Digital Ocean when I just want a simple web server, and AWS (Amazon Web Services) when I want to support a more complex scenario, or want something specific that AWS provides.

E-Book reader

Kindle Paperwhite - I resisted getting an ebook reader for years, as I preferred physical books.

Before going on my first solo trip in 2016 (A 6-week adventure through Japan and Thailand), I bought a Kindle because of how lightweight and portable it is.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed using the Kindle - it’s pretty much the perfect e-book reader, doesn’t strain my eyes at night (unlike reading on my phone), and has a backlight I set to a low setting, which makes it perfect for reading in bed at night.

Newsletters that I recommend

  • Matt Levine’s Newsletter - Matt is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist who writes about finance. An always insightful, and entertaining read. I"m suprised it’s free! Sign up here
  • Hey Designer - curated design and frontend news. Great content, never any spammy stuff. I subscribe to the weekly newsletter.