Hi, I’m Matt Button. I write this blog, work as a software developer at a financial technology company, and live in Wellington, New Zealand.

Here’s what I’m up to nowadays:


I’m currently working as a software developer at a financial technology company in Wellington, New Zealand. Before that, I was Senior Developer / Development Team Lead at Contact Software. More details on my Linkedin page.


I write articles for this blog. In 2019, I’m aiming to publish at least one article a month.

Interested in learning about how I host this blog? You can read more about it here: How I host and update on AWS with Cloudflare and Amazon S3 static website hosting

Spearfishing and Diving

I’m often out Spearfishing (freediving/snorkeling on a breath hold) around the Wellington south coast, and occasionally Scuba diving (lots of gear, and air tanks).

I catch my own fish while Spearfishing. During summer time, when the water is warmer, always have plenty of fish in my freezer.

Scuba Diving at Chumpon Pinnacle in Koh Tao


I occasionally work on 3D graphics projects, taking a photo reference, and re-creating as a digital 3D scene.

Here’s one that I modeled in Blender and rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Art - Fontana More 3d Render


I like to make beer, and make a few batches per year. I’m no expert, or connoisseur, but I do like good beer.

In Wellington, New Zealand, we’re lucky to have The Occasional Brewer where you can make your own. The process is a level above home brewing - using their high-end equipment, well-refined recipes, and guidance, it’s hard to get it wrong. You can brew whatever you want from a wide range of options.

Beer - Oatmeal Stout

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